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Important Note (READ THIS): If you need a coupon code to apply last year's registration against this year's, you will need to contact [email protected] to obtain that code to be used at the end of this registration. The 2022 codes are NOT the same as the 2020 or 2021 codes. If you need multiple coupon codes because you are registering multiple people, note that in your email. We are trying to proactively email codes out to those for which we have contact information.

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New member discount.

If you have received a new member discount coupon for joining the NSS, you are eligible for a $50 discount on your registration. You must bring your paper coupon to registration and trade it for a check. Contact the NSS office for a paper or electronic version (which needs to be printed for use).

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  • Please check this option if you prefer vegetarian & gluten free meals so we can try to make sure there are enough available options.

Help us plan ahead!

For camping and hotel/motel options, see the link in the header menu.

Please help us plan our convention resources by checking the events you expect to attend during convention. (This really does help and will in fact let us know how much food or beer to have for you!)

  • Busing and parking could be limited, to and from this location

Pet Policy

We encourage you to consider leaving your pets at home, but if you have no other choices, our campground and RV spaces are open to very well-behaved pets. All pets must be registered in advance.

Field Trips/Workshops

  • Hydrology Field Trip  (Sunday June 12th)

    Hydrology Field Trip (Sunday June 12th) [47 remaining]

    Karl Emanuel will lead a field trip about the Hydrology of the Black Hills. More info will be provided to registrants and convention attendees as time gets closer. Typically the field trip will last most of the day, approximately 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Stay tuned for more details!

    Price $80.00

  • Speleology for Cavers (Monday, 06/13/22)

    Speleology for Cavers (Monday, 06/13/22) [34 remaining]

    A one-day course entitled "Speleology for Cavers" will be offered on Monday, June 13, 2022. Come learn the difference between strike and the dip, vadose and phreatic, and the birds and the bats. Bring home with you the geologic differences between caves in the Black Hills and those in the Appalachians, the meaning to cavers of Bogli's mixing corrosion, and the difference between the lifestyles of Riparia riparia and Perimyotis subflavus. Experts in Speleology will lecture on Geology, Geochemistry, Karst Hydrology, Biology, and Paleontology. The course will go the full day and includes extensive course notes on a USB drive.

    Price $50.00

  • Photography  Workshop (Mid-week, day TBD)

    Photography Workshop (Mid-week, day TBD) [10 remaining]

    This is an in-cave, hands-on photography workshop. It is limited to 12 participants.

    Price $0.00

  • Self Rescue Techniques for Cavers (Mid-week, day TBD)

    Self Rescue Techniques for Cavers (Mid-week, day TBD) [13 remaining]

    This will be an intensive four-hour training workshop that will introduce participants to cave rescue techniques that can be performed by a party of six or fewer persons, using minimal gear normally carried on caving trips.

    Bring your helmets and personal climbing gear.

    Price $0.00

  • Paleontology Field Trip (Sunday)

    Paleontology Field Trip (Sunday) [41 remaining]

    Step back in time with The Mammoth Site. Come see the World’s largest concentration of Columbian Mammoths at this indoor active paleontological excavation and museum. Walk the edge of a sinkhole where creatures from 200,000 years ago became trapped, leaving an ancient treasure trove of fossil remains. Learn about the discovery of over 60 mammoths and 80 other species of plants and animals found at the Site. Peak into our preparation lab windows to see Mammoth Site scientists clean and preserve fossil specimens. Explore our Ice Age Exhibit Hall to discover more about the ancient past. You will have a guided tour around the Bonebed with a Mammoth Site paleontologist on this NSS field trip. As our special guests, we will take you behind the scenes to our 3D scanning and printing lab as well as the Bone Vault, where Mammoth Site specimens are stored. Be one of only a few people to see a real Giant Short-faced Bear skull!

    Price $80.00

  • Geology Field Trip (Sunday June 12th))

    Geology Field Trip (Sunday June 12th)) [25 remaining]

    Dr. Sarah Keenan will lead a field trip to learn about the geology of the Black Hills area. This will likely last from 8am to 5pm, and it will rock.

    Price $80.00

  • Human Bone Identification Workshop

    Human Bone Identification Workshop [26 remaining]

    Tuesday, July 13 - This is a special 2-hour course designed by Dr. Sharon Weaver to give attendees a greater understanding of the differences between human bones and those of other mammals. Attendees will learn tips for more meaningful field identification, as well as some of the dos and don'ts when finding these types of specimens.

    Price $25.00

Merchandise & Extras

  • Convention Guidebook

    Convention Guidebook

    This full-color book includes detailed maps and in-depth articles about caves, caving, geology, and natural history of the Black Hills of South Dakota. [Note: The NSS changed policy a couple years ago & made all guidebooks a merchandise option. These books are not automatically included in your registration.]

    *Price Includes 6.5% Sales Tax

    $37.28 ea.

  • 2022 Convention Patch

    2022 Convention Patch

    This will be a fully-embroidered patch of the 2022 convention logo held in Rapid City, SD. If you want a snazzy display of your caving experience in the Black Hills of South Dakota, you need this patch.

    *Price Includes 6.5% Sales Tax

    $8.52 ea. [475 remaining]

  • 2022 Convention Pin

    2022 Convention Pin

    This full-color pin of the 2022 convention logo. Suitable for all caver hats, jackets, backpacks, and more!

    *Price Includes 6.5% Sales Tax

    $8.52 ea.

  • Adult T-Shirt

    Adult T-Shirt

    *Price Includes 6.5% Sales Tax

  • Adult Women's T-Shirt

    Adult Women's T-Shirt

  • Youth T-Shirt

    Youth T-Shirt

    *Price Includes 6.5% Sales Tax

  • Reserved Campground Spot with Power

    Reserved Campground Spot with Power

    There are limited campground sites with 30/50 amp power hookups available. $20 gets you one for the week.

    $20.00 ea. [12 remaining]



If you paid for a previous NSS conference and that registration is rolling over to apply for this conference, you will need to contact [email protected] for the coupon code that can be used for registration. If you are registering multiple people, note that in your email.  The 2020 and 2021 codes will not work, you need to request your 2022 code. If you need multiple codes for multiple people, use them all at once.


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